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When tooth loss occurs there are no longer forces pushing on the bone so it begins to deteriorate. The loss of bone will continue and may eventually change your smile. The collapse of facial contours that results from bone loss can severely affect your appearance. MIssing teeth are unsightly, adversely affect your personal relationships and could prevent your ability to get a job or promotion within a company.

Approximately 10% of the US adult population is completely without teeth and over 50% of the lower denture wearers have problems with stability and retention of their dentures. Many people complain their dentures:

  • Slip
  • Are loose
  • Hurt
  • Food gets trapped under their denture
  • Cannot eat lettuce or tomatoes
  • Cannot talk or laugh without fear of their denture slipping out

Over the past 10 years, a new technique has become available which is simple, successful and cost effective. The technique of placement of two dental implants in the front part of the lower jaw. Attachments are placed into the denture and the denture “snap” onto the implants. Implants attached dentures do not rely on suction but are mechanically attached to the jaw.

The procedure during which the implants are placed is equivalent to that experienced with the extraction of a tooth. The implants are placed in the dental office, under local anesthetic, in a procedure lasting 20 minutes to less than one hour. After placement, the implants are allowed to heal for six weeks. After six weeks, the attachments are added to the denture and the denture “is snapped” into place in the patients mouth.

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